Film Editor|Director

Specializing in Automotive|Motorsport|Branding|Music|Story driven content.

Robert is an experienced video editor based in Tokyo Japan. Editing videos for a variety of branded content which include the likes of Nissan, Nismo, Fiat, Hilton, Shiseido, Warner Music Japan and Beats By Dre. Utilizing his abilities for Commercials, Promo, Viral, Music, Narrative and Documentary.

Robert is usually based out of his edit studio located in Tokyo (Green Hills Studio), or on location out and around Tokyo and Japan.

Along with his experience as an editor, Robert is also a capable Director, Camera Operator and Creative.

Robert likes to engage with his strong imagination and story writing experience, pouring in his passion for cars, films, music and photography, In an attempt to create distinct and unique video content.

My website and portfolio are currently being updated but I wanted to keep a few pages present. Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more or have any inquires.